The Leccino olives are the most well-know and cultivated in Apulian region. Due to its delicate flavour, this variety/cultivar is used not only for the production of evo oil, but especially as table olives in brine. It has a small-medium size and an unique delicate taste, its shape is elliptical and quite irregular, with a typical color somewhere between a dark green and purple. Usually the harvest takes place between the end of october and the start of november, when the ripening starts, i.e. when the colour of olive changes intensity/tone from green to wine-coloured. After the harvest, olives are washed, and subdivided based on the different sizes, put in water and salt for some weeks or months to obtain the brine effect. After this time they are again selected to choose the best ones and always invaded with water and salt in jar, and finally pasteurized.

Its characteristic permits to match itself with first dishes and second dishes as well. They are deliciuos as an aperitif or in salads, and also used in pasta, fish and meat dishes, to match bread or pizza/focaccia.

Net weight: 240g 
Dripping weigh: 140g

Ingredients: leccine olives, water, salt. Acidity corrector: citric acid.

Shelf life: 48 months

After opening it, store in refrigerator at T<4°C covered with oil and consume it within 30 days

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