Tradition and Innovation

We feel part of a territory

Since 1984 in Apulia, amidst dry-stone walls, ancient farms and centuries-old olive trees, right where the Itria Valley begins between Crispiano and Martina Franca, the Frisino farm has been established and now boasts around 100 hectares.

A story of great passion and of a family that, thanks to daily hard work and love for the land, creates something extraordinary.

It all began with dad Mario and mum Pina passing on their passion for oil and wine to their children, Flavia and Francesco. It was they who, after their university experiences, decided to return to Apulia to continue the family business, bringing innovation and new ideas, starting a real restyling of the company and brand, from design to new production methods, immediately conquering new international markets. 

We were born with the desire to tell through our oil and wine, the passion and respect for these extraordinary olive trees and our vineyards. We grew up with the knowledge that only with passion, work and dedication do we obtain a product of superior quality, our best recognition.

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