EVO Oil Monocultivar Peranzana N°1


A medium fruity extra virgin oil with a floral scent with marked notes of green tomato and aromatic herbs, hints of fresh grass are enriched by a lively almond note. A pleasant spicy aftertaste completes the light character of this product.

Format 500 ml.


Our extra-virgin olive oil 100% Made in Italy is completely obtained by cold extraction, by using the processing in vacuum the organoleptic and olfactory characteristics of green and healthy olive are preserved. The harmony between bitter and spicy tastes reveals a high presence of polyphenols.


It is a fruity medium green olive oil, full and enveloping, on which herbal notes and tomato flavor enriched by floral scents and aromatic herbs stand out. The vegetal scents of herbs, artichoke and fresh almond are pleasing and soft. The bitter and the spicy flavors are balanced.

Bottle size Ø 8,5 cm, height 19 cm

Production areaCrispiano ‐ Itria Valley, Puglia
Altitude3300 meters above sea level
Soilcalcareous ‐ clayey
Harvest periodlast ten days of October
Extraction systemtwo ‐ phase continuous cycle cold pressing
Food pairingideal with raw fish, salad, white meat, cooked vegetables, but also mozzarella and tomato (caprese) and bruschetta
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EVO Oil Monocultivar Peranzana N°1